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CuteSITE Builder / Trellix Web User Tutorials & Lessons
Lesson #1 Create a static frame  Learn how to create a static left/top border. It requires the use of two CSB/Trellix files, so it is not for the faint of heart! (2/4/2001) UPDATE (11/6/2002): Please see Lesson #37 below for a new method for creating a fixed left/top border using just one .tlx file!

Lesson #2  Open link in new window  Learn how to have a link open up into a new window, or in a specific frame. (Revised 2/18/2002)

Lesson #3 Drop down menu  See one example of a drop down bar that stars longs the top of your browser window. (2/5/2001)

Lesson #4 Password Protect web gem  Learn how to restrict access to pages in your web site by implementing the Trellix password protect web gem. (2/8/2001).  Please note: this feature was dropped from the CuteSITE Builder release.  I now have listed some Password Protect alternatives in the  FAQ section of my the future.

Lesson #5 Form Wizard web gem  Learn how to create and customize an input form for your visitors to complete. When they click on SEND, you will receive an email with the information they entered. (6/12/2001)

Lesson #6 Merging table cells  Tables can be used for many things. This demo will show you how to merge cells in a table to create effects like wrap around text. (3/6/2001)

Lesson #7 Menu items with more text  Cool technique! As you pass your mouse over a list of menu items, more information on that link will appear. (6/13/2001)

Lesson #8 Image maps  Learn how to implement an image map within CSB/Trellix web site.  Please note:  this tutorial uses software  that is no longer available.  However, the method for creating an image map is still applicable.    See Lesson #21 for creating an image map using GlobalSCAPE's CuteMAP product. (3/18/2001)

Lesson #9 Photos in a pop-up window  Learn how to create a pop up window to display photos. Once you have learned the secret to modifying the code, you can use it with your favorite popup code! (4/9/2001)

Lesson #10 Adjust size of new window Find out how to change the size of your new browser window (4/15/2001)

Lesson #11 Insert an HTML page into a Container Page  Container pages can be tricky.  I show you how to use one to insert an HTML web page that was created by a 3rd party genealogy software (4/17/2001)

Lesson #12 Java applet-  PACMAN  Everyone keeps asking how to implement a Java applet in CSB/Trellix. I chose PACMAN to demonstrate some of the technique involved. (4/25/2001)

Lesson #13 Java applet- The Lake  The votes are in! Everyone wanted another java applet example, and The Lake won. Hope this helps! (4/26/2001)  UPDATE: You can find the Lake.class file at the Java Script Kit web site.

Lesson #14 Implement Breadcrumbs  Go to a site like Yahoo and you will see a navigational roadmap, like Home > Sports > Football > NY Jets.  This is called BREADCRUMBS, and I show you that it is possible to do breadcrumbs within Trellix! (5/2/2001)

Lesson #15 Bottom frame navigation  This is a short example of using the bottom frame, which is not always enabled by default, to display your navigational page links. (5/15/2001)

Lesson #16 CGI/PERL Scripts  A lot of web sites provide CGI/Perl script coding. I try to show what is involved in implementing a CGI/Perl script in CSB/Trellix.  Its not complete, but take a look! (5/15/2001)'

Lesson #17 Bravenet's QuickMail  A  user asked about Bravenet's QuickMail, so here is what I found out about implementing it in CSB/Trellix. (5/21/2001)

Lesson #18 MPG files  This lesson addresses how to load and play MPG files ... I will need to complete it someday! (5/25/2001)

Lesson #19 Implement PhotoJam  Macromedia has a software program called PhotoJam ($29) which allows you to combine photos with music and text into a nice slide show.  I show you how I would implement this with CSB/Trellix. (5/27/2001)

Lesson #20 Inserting Excel spreadsheets  Examples on inserting a spreadsheet on your web site for downloading.  Unfortunately this is not complete! (5/28/2001)

Lesson #21 Implement CuteMAP  GlobalSCAPE has an image mapping utility called CuteMAP.  I show you how to implement this tool within CSB/Trellix. (6/15/2001)

Lesson #22 Flash buttons animated menu  Here's a great animated menu toolbar that you create online and is simple to implement! (6/25/2001)

Lesson #23 The game of CONCENTRATION  A user recently need help in getting the images for this Javascript to display.  In this lesson, I identify all the places that needed to be modified in order to access the images properly from a 'Insert your Own HTML'/'Build Your Own Web Gem'! (7/16/2001)

Lesson #24 3D DS Cube / Java Applet  Here's a fun way to present several photos in a spinning cube.  Since the code is a Java applet, you can also learn how to implement other Java applets based on this example. (8/9/2001)

Lesson #25 Using subdirectories / splitting your Trellix/CSB file  Here's a quick example on how to split your Trellix/CSB file into several smaller files, publishing them to subdirectories. (12/8/2001)

Lesson #26 Creating thumbnails  Here's a freeware utility program that will allow you to create thumbnails quickly! (1/26/2002)

Lesson #27   Customizing Link Rollover text   Learn where to place your Javascript to control what happens when a visitor passes their mouse over a link on your page! (3/29/2002)

Lesson #28 Favicon   What's a Favicon, and can I use it with my CuteSITE Builder web site? (3/29/2002)

Lesson #29  PowerPoint Presentation  Learn how to interface a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation into your CuteSITE Builder/Trellix web site. (3/29/2002)

Lesson #30  Download Tracker/Counter Utility  This is a CGI/PERL script utility that acts as a front end for downloading files from your web site. It will track how many times a file has been downloaded, and can create a list of names & email addresses of people who have downloaded the files. An admin page can display statistics on how many times each file has been downloaded. (4/4/2002)

Lesson #31  Screen Transitioning  Internet Explorer (IE4+) implemented some new meta tags that allow for screen transition effects.  Learn what works, and what doesn't work, in implementing these new commands in CuteSITE Builder. (4/2/2002)

Lesson #32  Flash Intro Implementing a flash intro is not hard, once you've learn the secret! (4/3/2002)

Lesson #33  Interfacing Microsoft WORD document  Learn different ways to add a Microsoft WORD document to your web page. (4/6/2002)

Lesson #34  Viewpoint 3-D MTX file  Use Viewpoint to create a 3-D rotating image.  Here I show you how to implement it in CSB/Trellix. (4/22/2002)

Lesson #35  DHTML Slide Show javascript  Here's a nifty slide show viewer for a set of photos you may have, and how to implement it in CSB/Trellix. (7/16/2002)

Lesson #36  Image Flipper javascript  This routine will automatically display(rotate) through several images. It's very easy to setup in CuteSITE Builder or Trellix Web. (11/1/2002)

Lesson #37  Fixed border web site  This is a new tutorial that shows how to create a CSB web site with a fixed top and left border, and should be considered as a complement to Lesson #1 that does the same thing, but using two separate .tlx files. (11/6/2002)

Lesson #38  Snow Falling / Rain Falling  What I like best about this method of making snow fall on your web page is that it does NOT require uploading any images, which makes the code script small and unobtrusinve to the visitor of your site.  There are variables to change the speed and direction of the snow or rain. (12/3/2002)

Lesson #39  AVI Test  This demo is to test out some issues with implementing AVI movie files into CuteSITE Builder

Lesson #40  Graphical Tree Folder  Take a look at one solution from Dynamic Drive. Warning: this demo is not yet finished, and does not work completely. (6/1/2003)

Lesson #41  Guestbook  Are you looking for an easy to implement guestbook for your site? Here it is! (6/1/2003)