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HOST DEPT is a free Internet hosting company. Thanks to Samantha and Tavarua for this information!

When signing up with Host Dept for a free web site, please review the following important instructions - otherwise publishing with CuteSITE Builder will not work:

After signing up with HOST DEPT, you are taken to an account details page. Before you can publish using a PC-based software like CSB, you need to activate your FTP account.

The last row of the table has a link: "create your own web site".  Click on the link, and accept the use policy (no adult site, no plain storage site, no photos only site, blah blah blah...). Then you can publish.

Site Name
Web Site Address
Your full URL/domain name.  Example:
FTP Host Address
FTP Host Port
FTP Directory
leave blank
FTP User Name / Password
Default Filename
Passive Mode