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Interland (formerly known as Interliant). Thanks to the Giancola's (with help from Lianna) for supplying this information!

Note: with Interland you can choose to have your web site on either a Windows-based server or a Unix-based server.  Don't know which to choose?  Perhpas this ice of information will help: most of the world's web servers are Unix-based.

If you wish to access your web site via FTP using your browser, enter:  (Unix-based server)
-or-  (Windows-based server)
Site Name
Web Site Address
Your full URL/domain name.  Example:
FTP Host Address
FTP Host Port
FTP Directory
html    <- if using Interland's Unix-based server
www    <- if using Interland's Window-based server
FTP User Name / Password
The username and password given to you by Interland
Default Filename
Passive Mode