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Web Host: TruePath   |   List of publishers

TruePath is one of many Christian based web hosting companies. This is one of the few web providers that required disabling the Passive (PASV) FTP transfer mode.  Fortunately, this is one of the enhancements that GlobalSCAPE made to CuteSITE Builder.

TruePath also provides an online method for viewing a list of your files on your web site.  Go to and after logging in with your user id & password, click on HomePage Janitor along the left side of the page.
Site Name
Web Site Address
The complete URL address given to you by TruePath, similar to:

FTP Host Address
FTP Host Port
FTP Directory
leave blank
FTP User Name / Password
The username and password given to you by TruePath
Default Filename
Passive Mode
No      <--- To publish to TruePath you must disable Passive mode!