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2002 Tips
September 2002
Anchors are a way to take a single, long web page into separate sections, and allow your visitors to quickly go to particular sections or paragraphs on that page.
For a quick demo, Click here

Then go to my FAQ page for details on how to use anchors on your CSB web page.
August 2002
I've recently updated my Windows backup script file that I wrote.  This script will not only starts up CuteSITE Builder, but it automatically create backups of my CuteSITE Builder or Trellix Web .tlx files in the process!

New features added include: easily select the number of prior backups to retain, store backup files on a different disk drive, and create a log file of activity.
July 2002
People are always asking how to implement a page counter. Well, it's easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up with a site, such as Bravenet or StatCounter

2. Fill in the information they ask, after which, they will then generate automatically some HTML code for you to use.

3. Open up CuteSITE Builder, go to your page, click on Insert > HTML code and paste the HTML code they gave you.

Publish and what your visitors to your site be counted!
Click here to see an example in action from my FAQ page.
June 2002
How do you edit and modify the HTML and Javascripts that you find on the Internet? Most people probably rely on good ole Notepad.  And why not? It's fast, it's quick, and it comes on every Window based PC.  However, if you are looking for a step up from Notepad, check out UltraEdit-32 (

I've been using this utility for several years (since version 6).  It's now up to version 9.  Give it a try. I think you may find it hard to go back to Notepad.
May 2002
META tags are a means to store information, such as key words, about each web page.  Most search engines key on the information stored in these meta tags to determine how or where a web site will appear in its listings when a person does a search.

In CuteSITE Builder, each page has a Page Properties screen (right click on the page in the MAP area, and click on Properties).  It is here that you enter information which will be used to populate your meta tags for that page. Be sure to visit the online knowledge base for CuteSITE Builder, as well as the in built help pages, for more information.
April 2002
If you have a  free Yahoo/Geocities web site, you will not be able to publish to it after April 2, 2002.  Details>

Learn how to use anchors on your web pages to help your visitors get around.  'What are anchors?', you may ask.  You know that you can create links to other web pages on your site, or to other web sites.  Right?

Well think of anchors as links, but to sections of the current page you are on. Using anchors keep your visitors from having to scroll. For example, read about my hint on merging table cells from July 2001.  That's an anchor!
Mar 2002
Do you regularly add and delete pages from your Trellix / CuteSITE Builder file?  If so, you may be able to reduce the size of your .tlx file significantly by simply clicking on File > Save As.  This will get rid of any wasted space within your .tlx file.
Feb 2002
Have you noticed that when you visit your Trellix/CSB web site, if you hover your mouse over a link you've create to another web site, a little yellow box appears with the full URL name of the linked site?  Try it!  Hover your mouse over this link: Click here for news!

But what if you want something other than the URL name to appear?  Similar to our method of " target="_blank to make your link appear in a new window, you can use " title="Your message  to change what appears in the little yellow box.

Hover your mouse over this link: Click here for news!
Jan 2002
SWGalleries logoDo you need to build a banner image quickly?  

A Trellix/CSB user recently told us about a web site where you can create and customize your own banner or buttons ... for free!   Go to and give it a whirl!

Oh, by the way, here's the first thing I made with it >